Bloggy Boot Camp – they were my first

I didn’t want them to be my last, my one and only. But truth be told I can’t afford to go to all the bloggy conferences that I see all over the interwebs. Women woooooo-ing and having fun, and learning, of course, learning. So this post is an attempt top win a trip to Bloggy Boot Camp this year. Alums have a chance to win an all expense paid trip. In other words, the only way I’ll go to a blog conference away from Boston this year.

I went to Bloggy Boot Camp last year. It was my first blogging conference. I loved it. I met tons of people, some even told me that they knew who I was. THEY READ MY BLOG. Are you serious? Someone besides my Dad reads this thing.

(A weird and funny aside, my Dad said to me once while I was over “How come you haven’t posted anything recently? There’s nothing new to read on your blog. Um, what? Sure enough I was on their computer and he has me on the bookmark bar. Oh my.)

Just in case you didn’t click up there I loved the people, the networking, the topics, the presenters. Really everything. I truly appreciated the assigned seating. I’m super shy and this helped tons! This time I would stick around for the post conference festivities.  Seems like a lot of bonding, networking, and wine drinking went on there :-)

The organizers and presenters were very approachable and eager to answer questions. I’d love to go back to get another jump start on the blog. I have been in a bit of a rut lately. Thinking about a redesign, a name change all sorts of things. What I do know is that I really love to blog. Bloggy Boot Camp could help me re-energize and refocus.

Thanks for the shot ladies. Hope to see you soon!

In case you’d like to go and have some extra dosh lying around you can get tickets here. They’ll be in St Louis, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Las Vegas.  I would pick Vegas just to get back at hubs for that Bachelor Party. Hmpf.

social media conferences for women


* edited to add if you’re an alum enter for your chance at a trip here.

Yay Bloggy Boot Camp!



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