I love breasts, and boobs too.

So this is ok,

but this isn’t?

I’m not a breastfeeding zealot, but I care about it, a lot. I believe that breast is best, but if you can’t or don’t want to, well that’s what formula is for. No judgement here. I’ve used both.

But you know where I get all judgey and think less of people? When they think that the first picture is ok, but the second one is disgusting. What is wrong with you? I am judging you right now for it. Judgey McJudgerson is on duty. Breasts are made for feeding your babies. THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE FOR.

They are also for barely covering with bathing suit material to sell magazines so the male population can pleasure themselves, apparently. And you know what?  Here’s the shocking part -I’m sort of okay with that too. I think breasts are lovely. Show them off, bare some cleavage if you want. Do your thing.

Can’t we live in a world where they are both? Can’t we covet it them for all their wonderful beautiful milk giving and pleasure giving glory. Any nursing mother (and her husband) knows those two things pretty much don’t happen at the same time. They are separate yet equal qualities of the glorious breast. Maybe we can call them breasts for feeding and boobs for, well, whatever else.

Yet, we live in a world where people think breast-feeding is disgusting and that I should be in a dirty bathroom feeding my baby instead of sitting with the rest of my family. Woah, I’m starting to feel all judgey again, bordering on calling out people’s intelligence. I should stop.

Let there be no mistake about it, I think that woman in the first picture is beautiful and so are her breasts. I am sure they will make some hungry baby very happy someday.



Image credit from Sports Illustrated, or Huffington Post, orBarstool Sports or basically the whole entire internet.


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