Hatchedit.com – All together now.

My friend over at Stowed Stuff was tired of me complaining on Facebook about an online calendar solution for my family. So she directed me to HatchedIt.com.

I went and signed up (took only a minute) and looked around.  It’s a pretty ambitious site if you ask me and since you’re here, on my site, I’m just going to assume you would ask me. It’s a combination of lots of different sites in one. Calendars, contacts, invitations, groups, curating, feeds and more.

The part I find most intriguing is the groups element. I have a friend who WILL NOT join Facebook. I get it, I do. But it makes for coordinating as a group difficult. Email threads get very long and convoluted very quickly. This could be just the thing we’re looking for. A couple of calendar entries about schedules and we’re seeing each other more often!

I need to wait until they come out with an iPhone app in order to make it useful for me. If I’m not on my computer I’m sitting in the pickup line on my phone. I don’t enjoy surfing the web on my phone, so if there’s no app, then I won’t use it.

It may be trying too hard to be too many things, but I will reserve that judgment for now. I’ve only just taken a look at it. You should too. I bet there’s something there to help you get organized. And really, who among us could not use a little help getting organized? They also have an active Facebook page. You should see what their fans are saying.

Here’s a vid…

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  1. Noel /

    Its a fantastic calendar! I’ve gotten myself, husband and three kids organized on it. And… All my babysitters…. (grandparents, aunts and uncles). I think you’ll really like it – it’s easy to use and easy to understand.

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