Febphotoaday – Handwriting

Day 20 – Handwriting.

This handwriting is from notes between my brother and I almost 17 years ago. Before texting and twitter and facebook, before cell phones, for goodness sake. People wrote each other notes.

I’ve saved these seemingly innocuous notes because 3 days later he was gone. He was having surgery the next day, hence the “see you when you wake up.” He died three days later.

I have a random assortment of my brother’s things. The handwriting is special for some reason that I can’t quite explain.

As I was going through my memory box the pictures of him we’re making me so sad. Partly because I just miss him. Partly because I also realize I am starting to forget him. Forget what he looks like. I find myself looking at the pictures skeptically.

I don’t have the same reaction to his handwriting. I have cards and some of his journals and they comfort me. The scratches of ink on paper soothe me. Maybe because it’s a not so jarring reminder of his absence, rather a soft affirmation of his existence at all.

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