Disney on Ice Dare to Dream Review

I had been avoiding Disney on Ice like the plague for the last few years.

Selfishly, I thought it would be awful and I wouldn’t enjoy it. Also the whole merchandising attack that I thought would befall us as soon as we entered kinda made me sick to my stomach.

An opportunity to go to Disney on Ice Dare to Dream came along as part of doing a giveaway and writing a review. My baby girl had seen an advertisement for it somewhere, somehow, and had been talking about. The time had come.

She donned her princess dress, and N dressed up as Flynn Ryder. There weren’t many other almost 6 year old boys there, but N didn’t seem to notice. He insisted on coming because even though it was mostly princesses, “Eugene will be there Mom – its okay.” We brought Nana along for her birthday, tiara perched atop her head, and off we went to TDGarden on a Friday night.

We watch Disney Jr. like it’s our job around here, but I purposely have left much of the princess stuff out of our lives. S has received many hand me down dressup princess clothes and I have cut every princess medallion off them. She can decide what kind of princess she wants to be! They have seen Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and the Princess and the Frog a couple of times each. However, we’ve seen Tangled many many many times.

I haven’t been to the Garden since it was the old Garden. I thought we would be further away from the skating and we’d have a hard time seeing. Turns out we had awesome seats and so did everyone else. Truly.

Disney on Ice did a great job condensing the stories so that they still made sense. Great costumes, and music, of course. It was all really well done.
I could tell they spent the most time on the Tangled concept and execution. It was great. The skating seemed a bit more complicated than the other sets, and more entertaining. They used some silks hanging from the rafters to sail through the air  – it was a real crowd pleaser. Loved it.

As I feared, the merchandising was nauseating, every 5 feet there was something princessy that cost $20. It was awful. I told the kids I wouldn’t be buying them anything. Not one thing. However, I would never refuse a Nana her god given right to spoil her grandkids rotten. They nearly lost their minds when she came back to the seats with these.

So if you have some time over the Februaury break to go, you should go. If you have any princess girls in your house, you should go. Tangled fans? GO! So fun. Tickets are here.

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