Summer Fun

Sorry I’ve been gone, I’ve been having fun without you, I hope that’s okay, internets. Have you missed my musings?

We’ve been doing a ton of stuff, some fun and some not so fun ;-) With three kids under 5 there is some incredible fun to be had. But most days, honestly, I’m lucky to get through without imploding.

I’ll be writing a lot in the next few days, catching up. (Not necessarily posting, but writing. Gawd, stop expecting so much from me.)

We’ve had visits from the tooth-fairy and visits to the beach. Which will lead to a craft post (gasp) and a sunscreen post.

Crafts are my new thing. It’s a do one thing you’re afraid of every day kinda thing ;-) And speaking of  that I took the kids to a restaurant ALL BY MYSELF!

I’ll finally get to parts 2 & 3 of the kid’s Rainbow Party, and to updating you on my 4HB experiment.

I might even get a little more personal and talk about things a bit deeper. I’ve been struggling a lot with parenting and with finding my own space in the world. I need to get it out. Maybe you, dear internet, can help.

Ciao for now.

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  1. Charlene (@CharChronicles) /

    Dear Internets. I fel the same way. Finding my way while trying not to implode daily. Then I added a puppy to the “I already have a toddler & two dogs” household. I think I did implode because I hear screaming in my ears. Oh, wait. That’s me. Let’s have a playdate or a glass of wine or be efficient and do both at the same time and we can discuss. Hugs.


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