Cloth for kids – a cheapo eco find

And we don’t just use ’em on bums around here! My kids use cloth napkins when I can get them to use a napkin at all.

It’s difficult to get a kid to use a napkin when they think that their shoulder is an equally good alternative. It’s a struggle I know, but if it’s going to end up with one bit of yogurt on it and then thrown away, I like to try to be a bit more eco conscious about the whole mess (ahem).

Cloth napkins for adults are a bit too big for little hands. Imagine trying to use a pillow case at the table, yeah it would be like that. Also, sometimes they are made of fabrics and colors not very appealing to the littlest at our tables. Those pretty white linen napkins with the delicate piping perfect for the holidays, not so prefect for a toddler.

The other day in the dollar bin at Target I found these…

Soft, small cloth cleaning towels. I took one look at them and knew I had found the answer I had been looking for. A cloth napkin for the kids. Not scratchy, not too big or too heavy. Kid colors. Love. And in the DOLLAR bin. Mama like.

We’re greening up the cafe at Chez Reilly :-)

The first couple of days I put it on his shoulder so he would know where to find it. Maybe someday it will end up on his lap.


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