You can’t always get what you want

But if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need. ~Rolling Stones

Bongo Board, sad face

So I didn’t get that Hopscout job. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty bummed about it. And surprised. Yep, I can admit it, a little bit surprised. But in the end maybe that job is not what I needed. Maybe I needed the selection process, the positive feedback, the validation of the Top 20, the consolation of my friends (and strangers) when I didn’t get hired. Maybe what I needed was all that. Maybe I needed a little kick in the ass.

It’s not that I think that much of my self that I thought I was a shoo in. It wasn’t like I didn’t try. I worked hard on those videos. I made three of them! I tweeted and retweeted and Facebook-ed and participated. I made what I thought was a pretty awesome and creative review.

Things weren’t all great though. I had a phone interview with them that didn’t go so well. They told me it was just going to be an HR guy to make sure I was who I said I was. Um, no it was a conference call on speakerphone (I could hear myself on delay in the background) with a VP and  Production person. Um, ok. I was at a playdate. I was frazzled. I talked to fast, said um too many times (um, see what I mean). It was awful. Maybe it was that typo. Maybe they didn’t really like my video. Maybe it was TOO good ;-) My kids are too young? I’m too fat? Who knows?

Before you get all “you’re NOT too fat” in the comments. I know I’m not fat. I’ve worked hard on that. It refers to my time in acting auditions. What I know from going on auditions is that you just never know what the client is looking for and it can even change during the audition process. You can give the audition of your life only for them to say no thanks because they decided to “go in another direction”. It happens. So I can’t take it too personally.

I know I’m good at what I do and I’ll find something else. It’s a missed opportunity for them I think. Or not. They spent quite a bit of time choosing and while some of their choices may not make sense to ME, they work for them. I wish them all well, I really do. I wish the new hires well. They are all so excited that they can’t not do a great job! And to Hopscout, it was a brazen social media experiment that I hope they learned tons from and makes them super successful. I wish them all well, I really do! Got it?

Good. Let’s move on back to ME!

There has been an idea that I’ve been sitting on for a while now. And it appears that now is the time. Bubby was too little before. I was too tired. But now he’s sleeping and so am I. I am revved UP from this experience. I’m hungry and I just got a taste of it. Main course please!

Before this contest started I got a call from someone looking to talk to me about a position – a good job. During this experience I got all kinds of great feedback. When it was done, well, maybe there’s something else percolating. But whatever it is, it may not be what I wanted, but perhaps it’s just what I need!

Oh, so before I forget… I did just lose out on a J-O-B. Mama still needs a new pair of shoes, or, you know, preschool tuition. So I’m going to sell some stuff from the attic. I also have this cool new toy. It’s called a Wobble Deck. Never heard of it? Well I happen to have a video here that will sell you on it ;-)

[iframe: src=”” width=”480″ height=”270″ frameborder=”0″]


It’s yours for the low low price of a Mac laptop and a $200 stipend. It’s a bargain. Hopsout was going to have to pay monthly and hourly too. Any takers??

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  1. I love how you said it. Can’t take it personally, wish them the best, gotta move on because a lot more is out there.

    Not sure what their decision was based on but….yeah…

    Wish them, and everyone else the best.

    • Thanks mama!
      I’m so sorry for your loss Kristin. Wishing you peace.
      I look forward to what you’ll do next. Maybe I’ll see you at BlogHer. Never know…

  2. Aarti /

    Sharon, you are absolutely fantastic. I love your attitude and I will always be around to cheer you on whether you like it or not.

    It was the most stressful 2 days of my life.. and the phone call was not a determinant. Maybe when things have settled down a bit and emotions are not so strong at play, we can all have a cup of coffee and chat about it. Meanwhile, wish you every happiness because you deserve it.

    • Oh I like it Aarti. I love the roar of the crowd :-)
      And I like you and Hopscout too! It is actually more worrying to me that the phone call didn’t have much to do with, because it really was dreadful. No matter though, I’m good.
      Wishing you guys the best.
      And I would love that coffee.

  3. I love your positive outlook on this. The whole one door closes another one open has always been quite elusive to me. Probably because I’m just standing behind the closed door crying like a two year old baby?! Glad I stopped by then. Clearly I needed a dose of look-on-the-bright-side in my life!

    • Thanks so much for commenting! It was great to meet you at #BBCBOS. I have to admit I had to get myself to this space, I was crying behind that door too at first.
      Hope to see you again soon. In cyberspace or otherwise ;-)

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