5 things I loved about Bloggy Boot Camp

© Lindsey Garrett

1. Wine at lunch

2. Pink nametag thingys

3. Dessert

4. Coffee on tap

5. A day without my kids


© Lindsey Garrett

Oh come on, you know I’m just kidding. (kind of)

I’m just practicing making lists and numbering and bolding so that Google can SEE ME better.

*waves* Hi Google!

Last weekend I attended Bloggy Boot Camp Boston, put on by the SITS Girls. Here are the 5 things I loved about it:

1. Assigned seating- As a self proclaimed shy person. I say self proclaimed because no one believes me when I say it. Just know when I sit at your table or meet you for the first time, sometimes even the second, I am terrified. SO shy. It takes a lot of courage, and sometimes wine, for me to be comfortable. So the assigned seating I completely loved.  I would have hunkered down at one table and stayed there all day if I wasn’t forced to move. I got to meet new people and practice my elevator pitch and exchange more cards than I ever would have just hunkering down at one table way.

2. Networking – There seemed to be natural times for networking because of the assigned seating. Instead of a ready, set, network vibe. There was a sit and chat and network kind of vibe. Me likey. Strangely (or not at all really) the assigned networking time was the only one that didn’t work for me.

3. Content – Personal Branding, Crafting Content, the Pitch, Photos, the Business of Blogging, Social Media, Doing Good. Those were all the topics, on paper anyway. There was so much detail and information. By the end of the day my head was spinning. Great tips, advice, must dos, should dos, and also some please don’t dos :-)

4. People So many different women (a couple of men too). Different reasons for being there. Different types of blogs. The speakers were really amazing. They were prepped and on top of their game – they gave us their all. I could tell they wanted to be there and they really wanted to share. They were walking “The Secret to Success is Support” walk! And speaking of, those SITS ladies rocked. Seriously and truly. Tiffany and Fancesca were incredible and generous hostesses.





5. Who am I?  Passion & Promise – It was the first thing we talked about over coffee in the morning. It was touched on all day. Whether we were talking content, pitches, or business. It’s all about the passion. All about you (or me rather) What am I getting out of this?  What am I putting into it. Is it worth the time I spend away from my kids?  What is my role on the web?  Is it unique? Where does my passion lie? What am I promising my readers?

What stuck with me here is how important it is to define myself and in doing so, my blog. What also stuck with me (and I’m thinking about it right now!) is how I don’t have any of those answers yet. I’m working on it.

Thanks for a great day everyone! I’m off to read other wrap up posts now, and comment of course.


Thanks so much to Lindsey at the Mod Chick for letting us all swipe her pics!
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  1. Yes, yes, I couldn’t agree more! (And I’m talking about your first list of five.) Pink thingys– awesome! Dessert– delish! Day away from kids– priceless.

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