Carry your weight in your phone

I blur the numbers so you don’t focus on MY numbers. Focus on your own ;-)

I am carrying my weight in my phone now and NOT my hips :-)

Thanks to the Measurement Tracker.

I downloaded this little app the other day to keep track of my measurements and stats as I continue on this 4-Hour Body journey.

All you have to do is pick the date and input the stat. Do it a few more times. Press graph and there you have it. Visual affirmation of your downward progress! You can even back date, so you can take your initial scribbles and get them in here. The geek in me loves being able to see it on a graph with the swipe of a couple of buttons. I wish that the list function went from oldest to newest, because that’s how my brain works (but that’s just me, and what updates are for ;-)

I’m handing out some promo codes that Zach at They Used a Pencil kindly gave to me so you can get started tracking your stats. Just leave a comment here or like The Life of Reilly on Facebook and you’re name will be thrown into the virtual hat. That’s all.

Disclosure: They Used a Pencil gave me a promo code as well to try it out. Just so you know. I’ll stop taking names 3/25 at Midnight EST.

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  1. I love how smartphones can keep you smart about your weight. Errr, at least try to keep you smart about it anyway. Great app. Love to give it a whirl.

  2. Susan /

    So handy to have on my phone. Rounds out the other weight loss & fitness apps I use.

  3. Kim /

    I see the download is from itunes (which I don’t have on my computer because it is mb and mb’s and I still have dial up in my town! I am wondering if it is just for iphones? I have a BB and would love to try this app.

  4. Michelle /

    I have been looking all morning for an app that will track measurements, most just track weight. I am wondering if you can change this one between inches and centemetres?

    If so I would love a promo code.

    • You should contact Zach directly. Not sure if the app can do that. He has a new version out now. I don’t have any more promo codes :-(

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