16 years

Today it has been 16 years since my brother died. 16 years.


Like it was yesterday, yet a lifetime ago.

Some years go by without a tear. Some, like this one, come with sobs.

As our kids get older, my sister and I think about what a great uncle he would make, what a great father he would have been.We console ourselves with memories and tell our kids stories, but really,
it’s just not good enough.

Yet it has to be.

He was so loved and still is.

My heart aches for my parents today, for now I truly now what it means to love a child.

Until we see you again, much love little brother.

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  1. Dan was greatness…. To have known him, then to have witnessed the depth of despair in your whole family is something that still affects me to this day. Typing this with tears in my eyes, as a matter of fact.

    All of my love to you and your family, CT!

  2. Susie /

    Thinking of all of you thinking of Dan. I know this is always a tough day for your entire family that you seem to get through by celebrating Dan. Celebrate like crazy knowing you and Dan are in the forefront of our thoughts today and always in our hearts.
    Love to that ever growing family of yours

  3. Lynne /

    I’m so far from knowing you during this time in your life…but, as I’m getting to know you again now, your touching remembrances to your brother bring an ache in my heart for you and your family.


  4. I think of Danny often usually with a smile on my face along with a tear in my eyes. He was like a brother I never had, I consider myself blessed to have shared some of my life with such a fun person with such a great big heart . He always greeted me with a great big hug (boy I miss those hugs). There is no doubt in my mind that he is still around us all who loved him. When he left us he took a piece of my heart and when I feel the hole in my heart I know he has it, until I see him again in heaven with the rest of the people I love (thank god I have such a big heart cause sadly I have a lot of loved ones in heaven who have a piece of my heart… LOL). Miss ya Danny until we meet again……Remember ” Fly me to the moon”… LOVE YOU FOREVER. !!!!! XXOO

  5. I can’t say thank you enough y’all.

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