The Non Crafty Mama gets her flower on

I am soooooo not crafty. The thought of painting with my kids seriously gives me fits. Unless it’s summer and we can do it outside and I can hose them off.  Otherwise it just doesn’t happen. We make Valentine’s and Birthday cards as a rule. But as far as crafts go, that’s pretty much why I send them to preschool. Honestly.

Craft FlowersBut every once in a while I see something that strikes my fancy and I think “I can do that.”

So it was with this project by Makes and Takes.  It was an Earth Day Recycled Art project posted a few years ago.  Flowers out of tissue, pipe cleaners and an egg carton.  That’s not messy, only a few ingredients – that I actually have. I thought it would be great for preschool teachers and Nana’s. You know the people I want to trick into thinking that I actually do craft projects with my kids ;-)

So here it is my non crafty mamas.  I made a slight variation to the original because N was not impressed that you could see the egg carton.  He insisted it MUST have color. This is what you will need:

Egg carton
Tissue paper
Pipe cleaners (I think they’re called something else now but that’s what I called them)

Cut the egg carton lengthwise and then each egg holder thingy.
Punch holes in the bottom of each

Cut tissue paper into small squares (2in) and large squares (4in)

Assembling the flower is easy.  Push two pieces of the small tissue paper squares on the pipe cleaner. Put a hook or knot at the top of the pipe cleaner. Then put the egg carton piece up the pipe cleaner. Push all to the top. Take a large square and use a glue stick to put some glue on it. Put square glue side up on the pipe cleaner and push up to the egg carton.  Attach large piece tissue paper to the bottom of the egg carton. Voila!

There are any number of ways you could assemble it. Do what you do mamas.

Now go impress someone with your craftiness.

Makes and Takes is a really great blog with tons of craft stuff, food stuff and fun stuff. You should go.

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