Sunday Dinner and Sex

The Place: Sunday dinner at my parent’s house.

The Menu: Turkey Dinner (most of which I can not have)

The Talk: All about family and diets and sex (weird, I know)

First of all, yay for Sunday Dinner one of the things I said I wanted to start doing more of!

I’m not there 3 minutes and the men are talking vasectomies. And it goes on from there. And on.

Then we’re talking about the new diet I’m on, everyone in my family just started a new weight loss program (also weird). I tell my mother there’s also a part of the book on how to have better sex.  SHE says your father and I are all set with that. (Yes she actually said “All set with that.”) HE says what honey?  She tells him what we’re talking about. He says “Yeah after 40 years I think we’ve got it figured out. We don’t need a book.”

OK then.

Later, I walk by my Dad at the computer. He says “How did I miss this Wordless Wednesday?”


Why is my 65 year old father uttering the words ‘Wordless Wednesday’?

I look at the computer and my blog is up.  He is wondering how he missed this new post?

I was all are you kidding me, you’re reading my blog?  He tells me of course, why not?  They have it in the toolbar, bookmarked. OMG.

I say jokingly well I”ll put it in bold letters at the top if I ever talk about sex.  He says “Why?  You think you’re going to tell me something I don’t know.” Me, stammering “Well, uh.”  He says “All I need to know is if your mother’s happy. If she is, we’re good.”

Good to know. I think.

Married 41 years

How was your Sunday Dinner?

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