Christmas Trees & Purple Houses

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My husband is not one for grand romantic gestures. Well, lately anyway. I can’t blame him really. We’ve got three kids under 5, very little free time and no extra money burning a hole in our pocket.

What he IS good at is the not on the surface romantic, out of the ordinary, gestures.

We took the kids to the Atrium one night before Christmas. I went into Anthropologie while he stayed with the kids in the playspace next door. I love window shopping there, cute eclectic stuff that I file away. In the front of the store they had a Christmas display with the most clever tree. It was made out of different pieces of green wood. Clearly something that their art department made. I thought it was the greatest Christmas tree I’d ever seen. I brought him back over to see it. That was it. End of story. We both appreciated the good design and moved on.

A few weeks later I see some tinkering in the backyard. What the hell is he doing out there? It’s COLD!

Did I mention that he painted my house purple? For me. No convincing or bickering about it. Just…
“Honey what color should we paint the house?”
Me “Purple.”
Him ‘Ok.”

So while I’m sure you will forget to write the simple love letter I requested, you do awesome stuff like that ALL the time. Not a lot of women can say that.

I love you honey and all that you do and for every bit of who you are. You are such a great Dad, and a wonderful husband.

He would want me to tell you here that he plans to fix the Christmas tree to incorporate some skinnier pieces of wood this summer. It didn’t come out just how he wanted. Apparently he’s not finished with it ;-)
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