4-Hour Body Week 1- the breastmilk bonus

Week one of  The 4-Hour Body DONE!!

I didn’t post about it yesterday because I was too busy stuffing my face and having yet another snow day with the kids.

Here’s how it all shook out.

Combined 8 lbs and 3.75 inches lost.  Not bad right? It was skewed in husband’s direction. Men. Hrmpf.

To sum up the 4 Hour body in an I skimmed the chapter because I have three kids and I just want to lose this fat this is what I think it’s all about kinda way…here goes. It’s a slow -carb Diet. It’s all about accelerating fat loss. Not necessarily weight loss. You eat three to four meals a day that consist of protein, legumes, and vegetables. No white carbs, sugar, dairy, or fruit. You eat like that for 6 days then on the seventh day you can eat what you want.

For the most part everything thing was fine.  The food was just ok for me, dawg.  I love bread and chips and pasta so the no carb thing was difficult I’m not gonna lie. Breakfast was like taking medicine for me. I frequently don’t eat breakfast and when I do it’s waaaay after I’ve woken up. It was very hard to eat a full breakfast that was partly made up of beans a half hour after waking up.

I tried to prepare the same meals over and over again just because it’s easier for me to just get it done that way. Trying to be creative takes is too time consuming when I’m also making food for the kids.

On the 6th night I was over it! My chili didn’t come out like I wanted it to and I was pissy. “I’m over it.” I told my husband. He reminded me we could eat whatever we wanted the next day. Sooooo…

I’m not really a crazy junk food eater, but we sure do love our tortilla chips ’round here.  We only had a quarter of a bag left which we amazingly didn’t eat all week. Steve got the bag out for lunch and I sneered at him “You better not eat that whole bag!” Did I mention it was a snow day?  We couldn’t leave the house in the morning to get anything. Steve shoveled himself out to get some pizza for dinner though. Oh and I had three wonderful giant lattes.

The strangest and most awesome benefit of this WOE (way of eating) is that I have increased my breast milk supply. Yup. More milk. I couldn’t believe it.  I have a low supply so it was odd that my baby was whining a bit more to nurse. And then I noticed that one of my milk ducts was hurting like it was full. Then he had a few poops that were totally breast milk poops. Moms of breastfed babies will know what I mean- a little grainy and sweet smelling. He hadn’t had one those since he was two month old.

I bet that isn’t something that Tim Ferriss tested out :-) He could have a whole new book aimed at the post partum breastfeeding set if you ask me.  Lose weight and increase your breast milk supply at the same time. Brilliant!

I am sort of dreading starting it up again tomorrow. I think I may not be as strict with the menu.  Allowing a bit more of the foods that we like or less of the foods that we don’t. All in all, I feel better and dare I say it, I look better.  I really do. I can actually see a difference.

So moving on to week 2. I wonder what the numbers will say next time.

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  1. mercedes /

    I love this post and the instagram photo! I did 4hb before my two boys and I am going to start it up again. my little one is only 2 months old but i am determined to feel and look better. And a good milk supply is good too, helps with the stash in the freezer!! thank you for being so candid. love your blog! Thanks!!

    • ViolaCay /

      Thanks so much Mercedes!Two months old? How lovely. I remember it, well a little bit ;-)
      Don’t rush it. You’ll feel better in no time!


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