4-Hour Body Recipes – A list and a plea

Of the many fantastic things in the The 4-Hour Body, one of the flaws of the book is that there are so few recipes.  I know he didn’t set out to write a cook book, but c’mon!

So I made it my naptime mission to find some delicious recipes that could maybe hide some of those beans under or in something more yummy.  Unfortunately there is not so much going on out there on our usually overflowing with information internets.

I did find this gem on Robb Wolf’s website ( a really great resource on the Paleo diet, he wrote the book “The Paleo Solution”).
This is a .pdf from Tim called The Slow Carb Cookbook. Nice!

A quick list of recipe sites.  Because the 4-Hour Body is so new there aren’t many.  I have searched for a while and really this is it folks.

In no particular order…

4 Hour Body Recipes Facebook Group

Daily Burn

4HourRecipes : 4 hour diet recipes for a better body


All Recipes – Chicken Stir Fry

So I’m pleading with you if you have links to share I’d love to see them. Link ’em up!


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  1. As an update, I am loving the Facebook group for recipes. Lots of chatter, support and good recipes.

  2. http://www.4hourbody.ca has some amazing recipies!

  3. One of my favorite parts about being on the slow-carb diet is making delicious meals out of the foods people say are boring (that’s what I hear a lot). So I’ve been putting together some recipes, and I just submitted the link in your little app above.

    Thanks for these various suggestions!



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