He’s crawling! (and so am I)

Crawling at a snails pace. Me, not him. I’ve been meaning to write more. I also meant to have a new blog design and narrow the focus a bit. But life gets in the way. Every day.

You know just a few things…I’ve been trying to get the baby on a schedule. Not easy for a gal who doesn’t do well with schedules. I need to get a handle on our finances. We’re struggling a bit and it’s starting to strain us in every way. Our businesses are not as successful as they should be and we’re trying to work out how to do things differently so we can get different results. I want to lose the last 10 pounds of baby weight and it’s totally bumming me out that I can’t even find 30 minutes daily to work on it

I am always tired, the house is constantly messy, and the romance is on fumes.

So there you have it, life gets in the way. Every freaking day.

So maybe this IS my narrow the focus of the blog post.  Because we are certainly not living the Life of Reilly around here.  Trying to make two business work, under one roof, while raising three kids under 5, in an affluent suburb on a limited budget. Oy.

This is our Life of Reilly and it’s real.  It’s messy.  AND it’s tired.

Something’s gotta give and I think it begins with me. Doesn’t it always have to do with mom? Damn mother’s guilt.

So to kick it off, it’s Wordless Wednesday today right?  Well, I’ve noticed that I do A LOT of Wordless Wednesdays these days and not much else. Today I’m going to break that habit. Gotta start somewhere right?  Instead of a photo I give you video.  I know, I know, hold your applause for the major milestone.

It’s cute for goodness sake. Just shut up and watch it.  I’ll get to the big stuff like money and child rearing tomorrow.

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