Happy New Year, I give you poo.

My first post of the new year should be something insightful, dramatic, inspiring. Instead, I give you poo.

I have been having an ongoing battle of wills with middle child about poo. She waits until she is IN HER BED for a nap to poo.

Every day, I ask her before we go upstairs if she has to go, she says no. I put on a new diaper and I put her in bed. Five minutes later she is at the top of the stairs asking to have her poo changed. EVERY DAY. Or I hear her wandering the halls, presumably looking for a place to put the stink coming from her pants.  Because who could sleep like that? (And yes, I realize this behavior is screaming POTTY TRAINING. We start on Wednesday. And yes, I will discuss potty training on the blog. I am right now discussing poo. Get over it.)

Yesterday, same thing.  This time, since I know potty training is coming I try to preempt the poo and get her to go on the potty.  Nothing. I put her to bed.

I hear some movement, ahem, upstairs so up I go.  She is coming out of my room.  I ask “what are you doing?” knowing the answer.  She says Mama I have a poo.”  I talk to her again about going before she gets in bed.  How it’s yucky to go in your pants and big girls use the potty.  I tell her how gross it is to poo in your bed. Why do you keep doing that I ask? (and yes I realize asking a 2.5yo why something, anything, is insane. Leave me alone.)

She says, very proud and sure that this is a good answer. “It’s ok mama, I no poo in my bed.  I poo in YOUR bed.”


Happy New Year.


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