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My husband used to own a house in Vermont.  He owned it with a friend as a ski house.  I do not ski.  He wishes I would.  One of the biggest fights we ever had was on the top of a mountain in VT,
in the snow.

The reason we met was because of this house. One of the shares in the ski house was in my Masters program.  She said to me one day “Hey, this guy that owns the ski house we’re in is coming out for the weekend. Want to come to dinner with us?”
That was all.

I met his entire family there for the first time, we got engaged there, and conceived our first baby there.  We’ve had lots of great times with friends and family.  We love this place.  Well, I love it in the summer and fall, he loves it all the time.

When we were ready to buy a house, part of the way we would afford it would be to sell our share of the house to his friend.  I know he didn’t want to do this. But he knew it was necessary for our family.

The house is in Mad River Valley in Fayston, up on a hill.  His friend just clear cut a bunch of trees so now the house has this most amazing view. We love the farmer’s market and dinner at Flatbread’s.  We take walks or just sit in the yard.  We get to turn off the world and tune into our friends and family.

We are so grateful to still be able to go up once or twice a year for a weekend.

We love this place.

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