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I’m going to reveal myself here and let you get a little glimpse into the way my brain works.  Every time I said Healthy Habits Kitchen in the last couple of weeks. I kept thinking Hell’s Kitchen of reality tv infamy. I’m going to Hell’s Kitchen!  Here’s what really happened.

Metro West Bloggers Extraordinaire

Charlene of Charlene Chronicles got a bunch of bloggers together for an evening at the Healthy Habits Kitchen in Wellesley.

In attendance:
Kami of The Fence
Cindy of Isis Parenting
Laura of Being Loopy
Sharon of Umommy

Healthy Habits Kitchen says meals are as easy as 1,2,3 when you purchase meals from them.
1. Review our menu then, select pickup or delivery of our healthy meal kits. Our kits contain everything you need to prepare a quick, nutritious meal, including protein, sauce and, depending on the recipe, chopped fruits and vegetables, spices and starch.
2. You cook the meal kit according to the simple cooking instructions in the box or bag.
3. In 10-30 minutes, serve a nutritious meal to your family

My experience was slightly different because as part of the event we were able to assemble one of the meals. I chose Raspberry Chipotle Pork Medallions (which is a part of their November Menu).  It was quite simply the easiest cooking experience I’ve ever had, excluding frozen pizza.

I donned an apron (note to self: tying apron in front like Kami and Sharon is much more flattering) washed my hands and went to my station.  All the ingredients were laid out with their specific measuring utensils in front of them.  The recipe even told me when to go to the fridge and get the meat.  Seriously it said go now.  I finished the assembly, my partner in cooking, Laura, packaged it up and we were done!  Done.

Then we sampled some food. My favorites by far were the seasonal cranberry flavored dishes, one chicken and one very delicious cranberry salsa. The food is all nutritionally balanced, fresh, and yummy.

In November and December the Kitchen is booking Private Meal Assembly Parties that I think would be a heck of a lot of fun.  The meal assembly is NOT work at all.  You get a 3 course meal with BYOB and a meal to take home.  They also have an AWESOME Thanksgiving Menu, that if my Mom and Dad didn’t still cook ALL holiday meals for me (Yay!), I would completely be on board with this.  And calling it my own of course.  So if you haven’t planned Turkey Day yet – give them a call.

The prices are a little high for my budget. But the two bloggers (who shall remain nameless) that are self proclaimed NON cooks, didn’t bat an eye and bought two meals each on the way out.  So there you go.  You can assemble the meals yourself or just pick them up at the kitchen or at local farmer’s markets for $1 more.  I think I could be tempted to buy some for stay at home date nights.  The Chipotle Pork was a cinch to make and hubs loved it.

So My Hell’s Kitchen premonition did not pan out, thankfully.  It was a really fun experience.  However Sue could do well to act like Chef Ramsay every once and a while.  Just for kicks. It would definitely spice up the kitchen assembly process.  Come to think of it, she did get a little bossy when it came time to clean up.  She ordered me out of the way and wouldn’t let me clean up.  She wouldn’t let me clean up.  Ladies did you hear me?  SHE WOULDN’T LET ME CLEAN UP!  I heart her.

Sue of Healthy Habits Kitchen

Healthy Habits Kitchen
36 WASHINGTON STREET, SUITE 2 (in office building)

In exchange for some yummy pork dinner I wrote this blog post – and there’s your disclosure :-)
Pic of bloggers & measuring cups by Charlene.
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  1. I look tall. You all must be really short. And people, this meal was easy enough for me to make. If I can do it, you can. I promise.

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