On my walk

There was an abandoned tennis ball on the side of the road today on my walk. It made me think of my Sammy and how much I miss him.

A bit later in my walk as I was in the groove, I saw a little old lady on her own daily walk, tracking me. I didn’t really want to stop I just wanted to keep exercising. She motioned to me with her cane. I relented.

I took my ear buds out and crossed the street to her. She asked how old the baby was. She fawned over him while we exchanged pleasantries and left us with a big smile on her face.

I know you’re busy, but you will be her someday.

My favorite little old lady - Nana.

Always stop and show your baby to nice little old ladies. Always.

That’s all  – just some stuff I was thinking on my walk.

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