Why does my forehead hurt? A birth story

May 4th 2010 – there are a lot of things that hurt me today.  Why I am all consumed with figuring out why the hell my forehead hurts is beyond me.  My forehead!  Never mind that a baby just came screaming out of me in four hours (or four days) flat.  Everything hurts, but I just want to remember why my forehead hurts.

If I could insert a tape rewinding sound effect here I would.  Please insert your own.

April 30th  – I want this baby OUT!  He is now 10 days past his due date.  Whatever THAT means.  Stupid due dates.  My other two kids also went way past their EDD so why did I think this one would be any different?  Well, because I wanted it to be different.  I have had enough of being pregnant already.  I am tired, bloated and ready for my baby to come out.  With S acupuncture seemed to help.  She was born the day after I had some needling done.  Let’s give that a shot.  I had been having contractions on and off since the day before.  I went to the OB for a NST and an appointment.  I finally let her do an internal and try to get things started. My parents arrive because I am petrified I will go into labor in the middle of the night.

May 1st -My parents decide to leave because, well, there was no baby yet.  We packed the other two kiddos into the car and go into Boston to see an acupuncturist.  Steve has called a colleague and she agrees to meet us at her office.  The kids walk around Newbury Street with Steve and I relax for an hour. I start having some contractions.  My parents call they say they’re just at my Aunts house because they were afraid to leave. We all go back to the house and I become a watched pot.  I have some regular contractions, some doozies, and then pfft. My husband calls the doula on the sly because I keep insisting I’m ok – WHICH I AM! Doula comes everyone is just staring at me, like soooooooooooo you gonna have that baby.  She leaves and my parents stay over again.

May 2nd – Still no baby.  My parents actually go home.  My in-laws come and take the kids away to their house. Exhale. Now what should we do? Let’s go tempt my water to break at Legacy Place :-)  We walk around, then eat dinner.  I have a HUGE contraction after dinner walking to the car then NOTHING.  We get home and decide to try to walk him out.  We go for a long walk and I have small contractions all along the way.  Then another HUGE contraction. It stops me in my tracks.  I tell Steve it’s really intense and he says “Well it couldn’t hurt too bad if you’re talking through it.”
I say “Let me kick you in the balls and see if you can talk through it.”

Suddenly I feel like I have to poo and I feel a little, um, leaky. I can’t walk fast enough to get home.  No really I can’t walk fast enough. I’m 10 freaking months pregnant remember?  I don’t know how I held it until I got home but I did.

May 3rd – My husband decided that today is the day we should get the oil changed in the car.

Yes, you read that right.

He made the appointment at the dealership a month before thinking we would already have the baby. Well no baby and now I have to go with him because he won’t leave me alone. We’re keeping the appointment because we have nothing else to do but wait.  Off to Arlington we go. They tell us it will take an hour.  I’m pissed. We have a NST at 11.  We get to the waiting area and I start having contractions again. Nothing spectacular just uncomfortable. Oh and I’m hungry too.  I have a banana and a protein bar.  NOT full, I’m 10 freaking months pregnant remember?

The car is done, next stop the hospital.  NST -all good. I don’t have an appointment with Dr., but she sees me anyway.  She examines me and I’m four centimeters fully effaced. I tell her I felt a little leaky yesterday and today. She said WHAT? Seems a little mad at me that that wasn’t the FIRST thing I told her.  She tests me for fluid and sure enough my water broke at some point.  A slow leak because the NST shows everything is fine. She suggests that I let her induce me today. The word induction is a scary thing for a VBAC mama. Talk of pitocin or perhaps fully breaking the water and seeing what happens. She wants to admit me and get started.  I ask if I can go have lunch first – I am starving and if this takes a while I won’t have the energy.  She gives me a sideways look says “Don’t eat anything too heavy and be back in an hour.”  So off to lunch we go!

So all of that took four days.

2pm -Check into the hospital.

All of the rest of this took 4 hours and it’s a bit of a blur.

3 pm -Break water totally. Steve and I decide to go for the water breaking before pitocin.  I had a natural birth with Sienna and wanted the same with this baby.

3:15 -contractions start.

3:30 -contractions full force.

4:00 -on the balance ball.

5:00 -in the tub. Oh!! There it is! That’s why my forehead hurts. I was rolling it back and forth on that bar in the tub like a dumbass.  Felt good at the time.

6:00 -on the bed. Want to be back in the tub.

7:00 -Please god make this stop.  I can’t do this.

7:08 -OMG somebody just stabbed me in the vagina and I think I broke my husbands wrist.

7:09 -And that somebody.

This guy. How cute is he

7:15 – So happy.

I’m sorry what was I saying? Something about my forehead…

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  1. Jamie /

    Just wanna say u r halarious and i enjoyed reading your story so much i shared it on my Facebook account lol! God Bless you and thanks for sharing. It didn’t help me figure why my forehead hurts, but took my mind off it for a bit :)

    • ViolaCay /

      Thank you :-) It truly was the craziest thing. The forehead, not the baby. I knew about the baby.
      I hope you head feels better!

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