The Waiting Game

My husband actually said to me yesterday “Why don’t you just relax and enjoy the last days of your pregnancy?  This is the last time you’re going to be pregnant.  Just enjoy it.”

Um, ENJOY IT?!?!  The time for enjoying was in the first trimester, oh wait I was so nauseous I couldn’t see straight.  Or the second trimester, oh wait my hormones were making me a part of the lunatic fringe.  Maybe third trimester?  Nope. I was so exhausted taking care of two kids while working and pregnant, it just about did me in.  Now in my TENTH month you want me to relax and enjoy it?!  Argh!

I will admit I paused for a moment on the you’ll never be pregnant again thing.  That is pause-worthy after all.

No more big bellies after this.  No more first kicks.  No more wondering what one more of our offspring will look like (we make ’em cute!).  No more knowing smiles from strangers and offers of help.  (Soon I will just be that crazy woman with three screaming kids who got herself into that mess she can manage the door on her own.)

So I wait.  But I am not very good at waiting.  I will wait to see what this baby will look like?  Wait to see him to figure out what we will name him.  And the smell, oh the smell of a newborn baby.  My baby.  I will wait.

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