Crocs Love

So I love Crocs.  I am not ashamed to admit it.  Especially now since they are the ONLY shoe I can wear without my back and my sciatic nerve giving me fits.  But here is the real truth – the ones I have, I do in fact, think are ugly. 
They have some super cute ones now. But when I bought these a few years ago these were definitely the cutest of the bunch.  The Mary Jane!  Even a cute name.  I bought them in bright orange because orange makes me happy and I never intended to wear them in public.  The furthest these shoes have traveled is to the curb to take out the trash.  And our house is pretty close to the curb ;-)

Fast forward two years and now I am 9 months pregnant and can’t wear any of my shoes.  I search, scour, and generally turn the internet inside out to find another pair of Mary Jane’s.  I actually even left the house and went to a real store – my local independent shoe store.  They only had the big fat kind and the new super cute skinny kind.  Back to the internet – closeout, discontinued, outlet store.  WHAT??  I NEED a pair of Crocs I can wear in public.  Black or brown ones size 7, please.

I turned to Twitter to express my frustration with my 9 month preggo body and my serious lack of Crocs love.  Someone tell me this isn’t true!  Discontinued?  All I wanted was for someone to break the news to me so I could just move on with my life sans comfortable shoes.  I get a tweet from Crocs asking me what model I’m looking for exactly.  I tell them and they confirm that they are being discontinued. Oy.  Then another tweet they want to know my size to see if they can find me any.  Then an email.  I am the perfect sample size and she’s going to look through the closets in Colorado and see if she can find me something.  Another email.  She is sending me a pair, free of charge and to please enjoy the rest of my pregnancy.

How nice is that?  Hubs didn’t even get me a pregnancy present.  Hrmpf.

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