Flashbacks – A Wedding

So I decided that I post so infrequently with no apparent rhyme or reason, that the whole month of January is going to be one big Flashback Friday for me. A way to populate the blog, get to know you kinda stuff.

I decided to start with my wedding, where this current incarnation of myself started – the day I married Steve.

The photos are by awesome local (but they travel anywhere) wedding and family photographers Grazier Photography.  I really can’t say enough good things about Matt & Enna.  Talented photographers and artists, and just really great people.

During a moment that was not the only comic relief of the ceremony, here I am SHOVING Steve’s ring on his finger.  It was a little tight and I couldn’t just slide it on, so I pardoned myself stepped to the side and wrenched it on his finger.  Much to the delight of our guests.

It rained on our big day, not that we noticed.  This was on our walk from the church to the West Newton Cinema.
A little movie time for our guests.

Ever had your name on a marquee – it’s pretty awesome!!

The night drawing to a close.  It really was one of the most wonderful days of my life.

Please also visit Matt & Enna’s Blog.  Enna does Family & Baby photography as well. We’re excited to have her come over for some family snaps when baby Reilly number 3 joins our world.

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