16 weeks!

16 weeks pregnant and I’m still feeling sometimes queasy, mostly at night.  I hate to even complain about it because so many women have it so much worse.  They actually puke, even get hospitalized.  Me, I just feel like I wanna puke.  ALL THE TIME.  But I never get that sweet release. Yep, that’s what it would feel like – sweet.

Some things that helped me through:

psibands-home PSI Bands – They cost more than the kind you can buy at the drugstore, but in my opinion worth it.  Not only are they much cuter, which lets face it helps A LOT.  They actually worked much better for me than those ugly ones I used last time.

pkg_morning-sickness-magicMorning Sickness Magic – These pills taste like crap.  Sometimes I think I took them just to see if I would puke from it.  So maybe the ladies with more severe MS should stay away.  I could feel when I skipped some pills however so for me – worth it.  My OB even had some sample size.  Ask yours!

PPD-OrganicPreggie Pops  I kept these in my purse for emergencies and they did make me feel better when I didn’t think I could take another step in the grocery store without throwing myself to the floor into the fetal position.

Turns out though, the midwife at my OB’s office says that ANY hard candy would do the trick.  So there you go.

gingerteaGinger Tea- I think I just really dislike ginger except in the Schweppes Ale form.  The taste in the MSM that made me gag was ginger.  I had to make a iced ginger tea concoction in order to drink this stuff.  Steep 4 bags Ginger tea I bag Lemon Zinger.  2 tsp honey or sugar to taste  ICE!  They do make a lemon ginger which would have been easier, but they don’t sell it at my grocery.

Eating lots of small mealsIMG_9082

Resting when I needed to

A supportive husband

Disney Channel & Noggin :-)

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  1. Great tips! Thanks! I like preggie pops! I haven’t thrown up yet but feel the nausea ALL of the time!

  2. Great tips!

    Pregnancy is an exciting time of many changes in a woman’s life. But for most women, along with the wonderful baby-waiting experiences, morning sickness often comes uninvited — worst thing.

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