A New Blog

IMG_9295A new month, a new pregnancy, a new blog!

I decided that I need to separate my work and family life. In my home and in cyberspace. I am working on a new schedule that enables me to concentrate more fully on both my kids and my work. That’s another post. This post is about cyberspace and this space in cyberville in particular.

As the title states this blog is about The Life of Reilly. My life, our life, and sometimes your life. Stories, pictures, videos, rants, raves, and just plain nonsense. For the purposes of this site I do not pretend to be a writer or a photographer, or for that matter even a videographer/editor (although I do know some stuff about that My writing will stink, my photos will not be well composed, and the videos will not always be well edited (I leave all the good editing, all the time, for Cool Dog :-)

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