Mommy’s Little Helper 2009 style

This is my salvation. The only way I make it through the day. Sad but true.

Caffeine is the new drug of choice for some mommies, well, for this mommy anyway.

Buying this machine was the best $400 I EVER spent. It has paid for itself a thousand times over. It makes a better latte than Starbucks.

Gasp! Yep, I said it!

Of course it is operator dependent. My husband will admit that my lattes are a bit better than his, but I have a professional edge. I used to manage a coffee shop so I should be able to steam milk better than an architect. We all have different skill sets and this particular skill I have mastered!

As I type this the jones have set in. I need to go make another…yum. Thank you Breville. I love you. Seriously.

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    A good coffee or espresso maker is an essential part of Motherhood!

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