Renovation Nation

Renovation Nation came to Woodbine Terrace!

What the hell were we thinking? We spent too much money getting the house ready for them to come and they didn’t even film it! I had the house professionally cleaned and then it rained and there was mud everywhere. They put me in this crazy tyvek spacesuit to spray soayfoam insulation. No doubt the comedic part of the production. But I don’t mind being the clown if it’s for my family!

The segment is about the studio that Steve is building in the backyard (that’s why they didn’t film much of the inside of the house :-). SLR Architecture will have a new home very near our home! We are trying to build it with mostly recycled and green materials.

They’ll be back again on Saturday to do some family b roll and hopefully do a bit more interviews. I was not at my most eloquent last Saturday. Oh well! Steve and the Papas have been working hard all week to get the studio built. The walls are up and the electricity is being put in right now!

More later…

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